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The Christmas Funny Gifts Ideas For Men He Will Definitely Love, This Year 2017

“Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way

Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh…”

Christmas is meant to enjoy, and celebrate to its fullest with the conditional zeal and zest.

It isn’t so far to put your hand on hand. Cross your fingers, sit straight and start using your intellect. Here you will find some funny and catchy ideas for giving gifts to your men this year.

Let this year fill your men stockings with funny presents, funny gifts for men.

Okay, catch ideas like: funny gifts for men

1) Sleeping Beauty Printed Bedsheet:

Gender jokes are fashion around. Men are usually notorious for being flirty and girl’s attention seekers. A few men around certainly have desires of spending a night with girls. What do you think about fulfilling your man’s wish by means of some other style? Let’s present sleeping beauty printed bedsheet to him and make him think of as lying with a sleeping beauty.

2) Soft toys:

Soft toys are designed for little innocent chaps to play with them. Is he a chap? No! Well, absolutely not. But on this Christmas, give something that will astound him. Presenting soft toys will surely don’t make sense to him. Instead, he will remember such hilarious gift for the next years to come.

3) Royaltea-Royal Family Tea Bags:

A desire of many people for having the status of a ruler, king or queen or an individual from their family. Every second individual wants a luxurious and royal lifestyle. If that isn’t possible, you can console your heart by enjoying your tea time like a royal’s one. He will really like such funny gifts for men.

4) Mr. Right Mrs. Always Right Mugs:

Women are usually given the status of “honest creatures, or Am always right!” Men are sometimes neglected and ignored in this regard. By giving such present to your man, remove discrimination and prove the theories equally in favored for both of them.

5) House Husband Washing Gloves:

Working women are subtle and rare, while house-wife is greatly honored. Let’s switch the status this time, from house-wife to house-husband. Women are not necessarily born to serve as house-creature. Men can do that well too. Think about it!

6) Tape Measure:

Tape measure, really? Is it really a goodie to give as a Christmas present to him? Well, it doesn’t make sense to anyone. Ever think of that when he will uncover his present and will discover a tape measure from it, first he will definitely appreciate your hilarious stupid mind. But later that will definitely help him out in many other ways as for sure.

7) Funny Face Masks:

Mocking at someone is our favorite activity and stuff to do. How to spend our leisure time? Getting bored and depressed? Viewing outside the window and listening to bird’s rhyme? No! Do something crazy. Make your man’s every single moment enjoyable and add some joys to it by wearing and gifting such funny face masks to him.

So, don’t waste your time more, go and buy some funny gits of men this year.